Caitlyn Milne

Hi Im Caitlyn, I am a programmer with over 3 years experience in, web design, android, databases, c#, .NET ,and game development.

Join me in my development journey!
During development of a few websites, I have become confident in my HTML CSS and JS abilities. An example in which I used these skills was when creating this very site, feel free to have a look at my code at

As a part of work ive had to use PHP and SQL. This was when needing to run C.R.U.D statements for a website and an app. I also used PHP to hide sensitive information / functionality from a user.

Android and java
I have done lots of work on java when creating android apps, as such android and java has become my most comfortable skills

C#, .NET, and game development
During my free time, I occasionally like to make games, this is normally done using unity and C#. When creating games, I try and push myself to learn new stuff with in the engine and the programming language. Ive also made some games from scratch using .NET (Monogame).
Game Development
Developing Video Games Since a young age, I have had a passion for games. This passion has led me to developing my own game projects with others and by myself. I currently use mono-game (.NET) and unity (.NET based) for my game projects, but these haven't been the only engine/ framework I have used. Game development has given me the opportunity to learn and apply concepts, such as: Node trees, Pathfinding, Matrixes, Vectors, Velocity, PID control, 3D modelling, Shader programming, Input management, Pixel art, User interface design, HCI concepts and more
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